Is it possible to sing on the street for selling goods?

Is it possible to sing on the street for selling goods?
Posted date: 22/02/2021

I am studying in Da Nang. Recently, to earn more money, I and my friends planned to sing on the streets to sell candies. I want to know if this behavior violates the law. Thank you.

FDVN’s opinions:

Thank you for concerning FDVN’s legal services. Regarding your consulting requests, after studying the relevant legal documents, FDVN Law Firm would like to give you the following advice:

According to Clause 2, Article 35 of the Law on Road Traffic 2008, the act of "Holding markets, buying and selling goods on roads" is not allowed to be conducted on the road.

Besides, in Da Nang city, according to Decision No. 43/2005/QD-UB dated April 19, 2005, of the People's Committee of Da Nang City, the plan to implement some measures to manage shoe polishing and selling books, newspapers, and street vendors in Da Nang city is prescribed in Clause 4, Section II:

“… 4.3. Shoe polishers, booksellers, newspapers, and street vendors in the city must comply with the following regulations:

a) Strictly forbid all activities of shoe polishing, selling books, newspapers, and street vendors on the routes Bach Dang, Tran Phu, Hung Vuong, Le Duan, Nguyen Van Linh, in the areas: Song Han Bridge, Champa Museum of Sculpture, March 29 Square.

b) Not to bring children under 6 years old, disabled people to polish shoes, sell books, newspapers...

c) Not to cling to or forcing customers.

d) Not to use radio, or promotional instruments to peddle of all kinds... "

Thus, the fact that you and your friends sing on the street to sell candy is not allowed by the laws. In Da Nang city, most the peddling cases are not completely banned, but this act must be civilized and comply with the provisions of the mentioned Decision.

Above is FDVN Law Firm's opinion for your consulting requests based on studying the relevant legal provisions. Hopefully, FDVN's advice would be helpful to you.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Thanh Tra - FDVN Law Firm



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