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Established in 2011, FDVN Law Firm is constantly expanding and developing our law practice affiliates in Vietnam, to be ready to provide quality, convincing, and trustful legal services to the Clients.


FDVN is aware that every everyday legalistic activity must be carried out per the provisions of the law. Each legitimate conduct will provide individuals and organizations with actual and substantial advantages.


Therefore, as a supplier of legal services, we constantly pledge to do our best to assist our Clients in resolving any issues and legally and effectively implementing administrative and legal procedures in everyday life, production, and commercial operations.


We are here and ready to accompany you, with the slogan "Fast, efficient, and lawful," the attitude of "each of FDVN Lawyers is a legal friend of our client," and the expectation of "considering FDVN's Clients' satisfaction is our action motivation."






With nearly 15 years of establishment and development, FDVN has emerged as a law firm with an extensive nationwide network. Our offices are located in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, Hue, Nghe An, Gia Lai with collaborating lawyers in many other localities across the country. As a result, FDVN serves thousands of clients and provides services covering various regions nationwide.


Some outstanding M&A in which FDVN involved as legal advisors:


Advising on the M&A activities of: Dai Nam Industrial Park; Belle Maison Hadana HoiAn Resort and Olalani Resort & Condotel; Huong Linh 1 and 2 Wind Power Plants and Ben Tre Wind Power Plant; Minh Thanh Company in Dong Nai Province and Minh Thanh Real Estate Company; Quang Ngai Steel Plant and Southeast Asia Steel Plant; Wyndham Danang Golden Bay; APU School; Au Lac Hue; St. Nicholas School; Slow...


Some outstanding clients that FDVN constantly advises and provides legal services to:


We also constantly advise and provide legal consulting services to the following companies: Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited (BSR); BILLION MAX Group; Coca-Cola (USA); LLC Taxtelecom (Russia); Properwell Group; The Military Industry and Telecoms Group (Viettel); Seadev; Slow Group; KCON Group - DACINCO; Belle Maison Hadana Hoi An Resort; Da Nang Golden Bay; APU International School (USA); IDICO; Bizlen; JIBANNET ASIA; Kim Oanh Group; Navi; MIXUE Group Regal Central Vietnam Real Estate (Dat Xanh Mien Trung); TARUSH; FPT Da Nang; Tan Hoan Cau Group; Thu Dung Company; ATM Group; Hoa Binh Corporation; Sun Frontier Vietnam Co., Ltd.; Sanei Hytechs Vietnam Co., Ltd.; Hello Co., Ltd.;  DAEWON, TUAN HUY ELECTRIC; Dou Power Group; OHIO Company; Nhi Le Company; VinaKad, VDENTY MEDICAL; Minh Tri Thanh Company, Change The One…

Prominent activities in investment consultancy, bidding, and international cooperation


FDVN serves as legal advisor for outbound investment, international cooperation activities, and cutting-edge technology sectors for prominent corporations such as Hoa Binh Group, Kim Oanh Group, Kcon Group, Global Group. We provide legal advice for significant construction projects like the North-South Highway and offer legal consultancy for the Science and Technology Fund and investment in the Dung Quat Oil Refinery Plant Project (BSR). Additionally, we advise on foreign investment activities in Vietnam for corporations such as Coca-Cola, SUN FRONTIER, DAEWON, Hello, BILLION MAX, PROPERWELL, and Slow Group. We also consult on bidding and construction activities for national projects like the North-South Highway, Long Thanh Airport in Dong Nai Province, and Lien Chieu Port.


Major criminal cases and commercial lawsuits in which FDVN lawyers have been involved:


FDVN lawyers have participated in litigation at VIAC to protect Daewon Group in disputes with partners in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. We have also protected the legitimate interests of the European Union Ambassador in Vietnam in legal disputes at the Hanoi Court. Additionally, we have represented clients in a lawsuit against META PLATFORM Group in the Court of Northern California (USA). Furthermore, FDVN has acted as legal counsel for clients in major investment lawsuits between Sudico and Land Ha Hai in Da Nang. They have provided legal advice for disputes related to Hoa Lan project, Minh Thanh Dong Nai project, and assisted numerous businesses with asset protection solutions in many major cases in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City.


FDVN's lawyers have also defended key defendants in major cases, including the VIOLATION OF LAND MANAGEMENT IN DANANG case (with 21 defendants); DANANG-QUANG NGAI HIGHWAY CASE (Phase 1 and Phase 2); GAMBLING CASE IN QUANG TRI (with 51 defendants); the rescue flight case at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Transport, and other localities; bidding-related cases in Quang Ngai; cases related to the 43-hectare project in Binh Duong; representing numerous clients in claiming rights related to FLC, SCB, Viet A cases.



So far, FDVN has a team of 38 lawyers, experts, and legal specialists who work and provide legal services in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hue, Nghe An, Gia Lai, and other locations.


Throughout their professionally practical journey, FDVN's lawyers have gained extensive practical experience in legal consultation for numerous cases and served many prominent clients with complex legal portfolios.


Many lawyers at FDVN have also held positions such as legal director of corporations, deputy general director of investment and construction corporations, specializing in real estate and finance, serving as legal experts for banks, lecturing at law schools, and acting as arbitrators for arbitration centers in Vietnam.



FDVN is always ready wherever legal services are needed. We have a wide network in the largest cities in Vietnam, and we also have collaborators in various localities. This advantage enables FDVN to serve clients across the country.


With a wide range of services and top-notch professionalism, FDVN is always ready to meet almost all legal needs of our clients. Our premier professionalism ensures that our legal solutions are convincing and satisfying to our clients.


Lawyer's Experience and Virtue: With nearly fifteen years of experience, FDVN lawyers have embarked on a challenging journey, satisfying many clients with complex legal services and bringing about numerous instances of contentment. We continue our mission to uphold trust and move forward with experience and trust from our clients.


Dedication: FDVN not only practices law but also dedicates ourselves to the profession. Every year, FDVN shares thousands of legal documents with the legal community completely free of charge. In exchange, we hope that Vietnam will have a system of competent and professional lawyers, thereby providing top-notch services to clients for the sake of societal development and the rule of law.


Sustainable Vision and Development Aspiration: Each of our lawyers always establishes a consulting perspective from the standpoint of creating sustainable legal value for clients, ensuring that all business activities and matters in lives are grounded in legal understanding as the foundation for development aspirations. Personal and corporate values develop in a safe and sustainable legal environment based on trust in lawyer's responsibility, honor, and virtue.






- Advising on legal aspects of investment forms in Vietnam and related issues such as business cooperation, taxation, land, intellectual property ownership.


- Drafting contracts, forms, and documentation related to international commercial transactions.


- Participating in litigation, representing or acting as legal counsel in matters related to domestic and foreign investment, international trade.




- Advising and carrying out administrative procedures for business establishment, M&A, suspension of activities, business dissolution.


- Regular advisory services including drafting forms, contracts, legal advice on issues arising during business operation, internal dispute resolution representation.


- Participating in litigation, representing or acting as legal counsel in business and commercial matters, with or without international elements.




- Advising, providing legal support for administrative procedures related to land and administrative procedures regarding tax, state management, and related issues.


- Participating in litigation, representing or acting as legal counsel in land-related matters and other administrative litigation procedures.



- Advising, participating in litigation, working with investigative agencies, prosecutors, and courts in criminal cases involving Vietnamese and foreign nationals.


- Assisting in drafting various documents such as complaints, petitions, requests for directorial review, re-trial petitions, etc., in the field of criminal law.




- Supporting drafting documents, related documents in the fields of Marriage, Family, Inheritance, Civil Affairs.


- Participating in litigation, representing or acting as legal counsel for Civil Affairs, Marriage, Family, and Inheritance cases, domestically or with international elements.


- Serving as personal lawyers, providing regular legal advice to families on daily legal issues.




- Assisting in drafting documents, related documents in the fields of Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Taxation.


- Participating in litigation, representing or acting as legal counsel in cases related to Banking, Finance, Insurance, Taxation, domestically or with international elements.


- Serving as personal lawyers, providing regular legal advice to families on legal issues related to Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Taxation.




- Providing legal advice on intellectual property ownership, representing intellectual property registration activities.


- Participating in litigation to resolve disputes related to intellectual property.




- Supporting documents, letters related to citizenship procedures for Vietnamese and foreign nationals.


- Filing complaints, administrative lawsuits in the field of citizenship.




- Supporting drafting documents, related documents in the fields of Construction, Bidding, and Housing.


- Participating in litigation, representing or acting as legal counsel in Construction, Bidding, and Housing matters, domestically or with international elements.


- Serving as personal lawyers, providing regular legal advice to families on issues related to Construction, Bidding, and Housing.




- Assisting in drafting documents, related documents in the fields of Investment, Securities, Real Estate Trading.


- Participating in litigation, representing or acting as legal counsel in cases related to Investment, Securities, Real Estate Trading, domestically or with international elements.


- Serving as personal lawyers, providing regular legal advice to families on issues related to Investment, Securities, Real Estate Trading.




With experience, dedication, and a passion for the legal profession, FDVN's lawyers also work as lecturers at the University of Law, Hue, and various law schools in the Central region.


FDVN's lawyers are also Arbitrators at major Arbitration Centers such as MCAC and STAC, and they also serve as Vice Presidents of the Middle Commercial Arbitration Center - MCAC.


FDVN's lawyers also administer the "Legal Profession Forum" group with over 150,000 members consisting of legal professionals. They also manage the "FDVN Lawyers" page with over 50,000 followers. In these forums, we provide a wealth of knowledge and documents for legal professionals for reference, entirely free of charge.


Furthermore, with a spirit of sharing and promoting legal consultation, FDVN serves as Legal Advisors for the "Open Justice - Citizens and Law", a program produced by VTV8. FDVN plays the role as the legal consulting expert, addressing common legal issues for newspapers such as Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien, Law Newspaper Ho Chi Minh City, VTV - Vietnam Television, VOV - Voice of Vietnam Radio, Dan Viet Online, Transportation Magazine; Legal Life Magazine; Lawyer Magazine; Legal Protection Magazine, and other media channels.





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