Can paternal grandparents ban the mother to pick up her child(ren) to visit maternal grandparents af

Can paternal grandparents ban the mother to pick up her child(ren) to visit maternal grandparents after the divorce?
Posted date: 11/06/2021

I and my husband had a common child before the divorce. This year, he is 3 years old. Due to difficult conditions, I go abroad to work and earn for living. So, when we divorced, we agreed that my husband would raise our child.

This year, when I returned to Vietnam for Tet Holidays, I came to my husband's parents to pick up our child to celebrate Tet Holidays with my parents, my grandparents said that because I and my husband divorced and the custody right was given to my husband, I was not allowed to visit, as well as take the child to my home to spend Tet Holidays with my parents. I would like to ask if I have the right to visit my child and bring him to my parents' house. Thank you.

FDVN’s Opinions:

According to the information provided, when you and your husband divorced, you and your husband agreed on your husband's custody of the children. Therefore, you are not considered the person who directly raises the child under the law.

According to Clause 3, Article 82 of Law on Marriage and family 2014:“After divorce, the person who does not directly raise a child has the right and obligation to visit and care for this child without being obstructed by any person.

The parent who directly raises a child has the right to request a court to restrict the right of the other parent who does not directly raise this child if the latter takes advantage of his/her visit to and care for the child to obstruct or adversely affect the looking after, care for, raising and education of this child.

According to Clause 2, Article 83 of Law on Marriage and family 2014: “The parent directly raising a child and family members may not obstruct the person not directly raising the child from visiting, caring for, raising and educating this child.”

Thus, though you are not the person directly raising the child, you still have the right and the obligation to visit the child without being hindered by anyone, including your ex-husband. The visitation of children must not obstruct or adversely affect the care, rearing, and education of children.

In your case, the fact that you pick up your child back to visit his maternal grandparent does not hinder or adversely affect your child. Thus, you have the right to pick up your child to visit his/her grandparent under the law.

It is stipulated in Point d, Clause 1, Article 2 Law on Domestic violence prevention and control that “Preventing the exercise of the legal rights and obligations in the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, between parents and children, between husbands and wives as well as among brothers and sisters”.

Thus, preventing you from visiting your child is an act that is considered domestic violence.

According to Article 53, Decree No. 167/2013/NĐ-CP, sanction of administrative violation in social security, order and safety, prevention and fighting of social evils, fire and domestic violence is as follows: “A caution or a fine of between VND 100,000 and 300,000 shall be imposed for acts to prevent visitation and care rights between grandparents and grandchildren; between parents and children, except for cases where the parental visitation rights is limited under the decision of the court; between husband and wife; between brothers and sisters together.”

Therefore, if there is anyone prevents the mother from visiting and taking care of her child, he/she will be cautioned or  fined from VND 100,000 and 300,000, excluding the case where the visitation is prohibited under the law.

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