Posted date: 01/06/2021

I am a civil servant. Now, I need to learn the legal regulations on practicing the price appraiser. So what are the conditions to become an appraiser? Is it possible for me if I am a civil servant and want to practice as a price appraiser and work at a valuation enterprise? I hope that FDVN Law Firm (FDVN) will give me an advice. Sincerely thank you.

FDVN Opinion

Thank you for sending your questions to FDVN Law Firm (FDVN). For your consulting requirements, after studying the relevant law provisions, FDVN would like to provide you with the following advice:

[1]. Conditions to work as a price appraiser

It is stipulated in Article 34 of Law on Price 2012 providing Criterion of price appraiser that:

“1. Possessing civil act capacity.

2. Possessing ethics quality, integrity, honesty, objective.

3. Graduating university in a specialty related to price-appraising operations.

4. Having worked with the trained specialty for 36 months or more since possessing a university degree in specialty line specified in clause 3 of this Article.

5. Possessing the certificate of professional training in price-appraising operations, granted by competent agencies.

6. Possessing card of price appraiser as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance.”

A price appraiser is a person who fully satisfies mentioned criteria, registered to the practice price appraisal at the price appraisal enterprise.

However, according to Clause 2, Article 36 of Law on Prices 2012, the following subjects are not allowed to practice in the price appraisal enterprises: 2. Cadres, public employees as prescribed by law on Cadres, public employees; officers, professional soldiers, defense workers in agencies, units under People’s army; officers, profession non-commissioned officers, officers, technical specialized non-commissioned officers in agencies, units under People’s Security Public.”

Thus, in the case where you meet the conditions for a price appraiser in Article 34 but you are a civil servant, you are not allowed to practice as a price appraiser and work as a price appraiser at a valuation business under Article 36.

This is all FDVN’s Legal Opinion related to your request. Hopefully, it will be useful to you.

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